Volunteer & Mentor

“I have been a volunteer mentor for Wayfinders for 20 years. It is personally meaningful and rewarding in an almost indescribable way. As a mentor, you help change the world by changing one person’s life.”

–Holly Levinson, Wayfinders Mentor

Wayfinders has numerous opportunities for passionate and dedicated volunteers to offer their services to the organization and our scholars.


A key component of the Wayfinders experience is one-on-one mentoring. Wayfinders pairs each new 4th grade scholar with an adult mentor who provides year-round support and encouragement to the scholar, assists with outfitting the scholar for camp, and, if able, drives the scholar (and possibly other scholars) to and/or from camp if needed.

Wayfinders mentors collectively volunteer more than 4,000 hours per year and commit to a minimum of 5 years as mentors. More information is available by clicking the Wayfinders Mentor Commitment button below.

If you have any questions, please send them to Wayfinders’ Executive Director, Mollie James, [email protected].

Thank you for your interest in mentoring!


If you are not able to make a commitment to be a Wayfinders mentor, please consider joining us as a volunteer!

Volunteers help with scholar transportation to and from camp and/or enrichment opportunities throughout the school year. Volunteers also serve by writing letters to scholars while at camp, writing birthday cards to scholars, and assisting with office administration.

Volunteer & Mentor Background Checks

All volunteers and mentors must pass a mandatory volunteer clearance/background check which is administered through Unique Background Solutions.

Thank you to our summer 2023 volunteer drivers! Your support ensures that scholars get to and from camp safely. If you would like to be a volunteer driver during the summer of 2024, please reach out to Emely Reyes at [email protected].

James and Jonathan Beall
James and Jonathan Buckner
Alison Busch
Liz Chalker
Allison Chisolm
Avin Dwivedy
Douglas Faris

Emily Forfar

Julie Grahl

Adam Granger
Heather & Reed Griffith

Ben Guffey

Tyler Hamlett

Michelle Icard
Tammy Jackson

Tamra Jones
Mollie James
Greg Jaudon
Jaime Kannan Lam
Michael Kaplan
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Erin McCormick
Allie & Jake Mihalkanin
Emily Mullinix
Alisa & Bob O’Brien
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Stuart Pfeifer
Kevin Poindexter
Emely Reyes
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